Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Great Website

Alright so I just wanted to give everyone a heads up about this great website I have found. It is called Hunger Girl. You can find it by going to
It is a great site for healthy recipes, snack ideas, and fun modern diet advice! I love is my new website!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Heath Ledger

Hey, so I am addicted to FOX NEWS online. They just reported that Heath Ledger is dead! That is so unbelievable. I mean he is in his 20's a big time star!
Fox reported that they found him at a NYC residence that they believe is his home. They think it might be drug related! Gosh that is so surreal.

All I can say is THANK GOD for everyday that my family gets to live and that the people that I love and who are close to my heart are still with me. Thanks be to God and I pray that I have many more years with them.

Hair-dos, Highlights, Seafood, and random comments!

Alright so I went to the salon, Salon Vogue, last Thursday. I went in and told Becky, my wonderful hairdresser, that I wanted something a bit different. So we cut about 4 inches off, then we put lots of layers in (some of them are short), and then the big change was that I got bangs. Not like straight across blunt bangs, but short swoopie bangs. I LOVE IT! We laughed because after she cut it she was fixing it when she asked, "how long has it been since you have had bangs?" I replied "oh about 7th grade!" She laughs and says "well we are going to have to do some training because your hair is not used to short swoopie bangs"! However, we made it work quite well. Some of my new favorite hair things are my BIG SEXY HAIR products and my Velcro body rollers! JON LOVES IT TOO! SCORE! :)
This Thursday I have an appointment to get my hair highlighted...takes to long to do it all in one day! I am so excited.
This is a busy week at work. We have the board of directors coming in for the annual first of the year broad meeting. So we have been busy!
Tonight I am so excited. Jon and I are going to the local grocer to get STEAMS SHRIMPS AND CRAB LEGS for dinner! I think I will in heaven, plus we have American IDOL.
TOMORROW is HUMP day so only to days left until Friday...the weekend! Now that I am working 7-5 five days a week I live for the weekends to do nothing or should I say a bunch of somethings that usually make me happy because it is not work! :)

It is cold, messy, and rainy outside so I am ready to get home...see my hubby.
Oh I got a new recipe for LOW CAL INDIVIDUAL RED VELVET Cakes....can't wait to try that. I have also been doing some research for healthy or better for you Superbowl snacks. I will try to post some of those on here soon!

Well until next time....hugs, Lisa

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Well, I get off in 30 minutes. I am so ready. I have been busy today and I am ready to let loose. We have girls night tonight. Me and some of my girl friends from work are going out to dinner at DON PEPE's and then to play BINGO! It will be nice to go out with them and talk about things other than work!

Today it has been raining and sleeting all day. It is really messy outside. The weather blogger on ABC 33/40 said today winter is half over. Not sure how I feel about that! I do know it is super cold (for Alabama).

So Jon Jon is totally OK with me going to girls night. First because he knows I am his for the weekend excluding the 5 or 6 hours I have to work at Mom's tax office. Secondly because he said he needed some guy's time meaning he would sit at home to night, order a pizza, and play his XBOX 360. I know I will get home and he will have the house a mess, but I love him so I won't kill him!

So funny story! I almost killed Jon last night or should we say this morning! At precisely 3:38 this morning Jon rolls over and says "You took all the covers...and rips (My one blanket) off me! I am fuming at this point because not only did he wake me up, but I was cold! So to get even I stomped over to the lights, flipped them on, and ripped the cover off Jon, and said...."look at you! You have TWO OTHER COVERS....BUT YOU ARE LAYING ON THEM! THIS IS MINE...I ONLY HAVE ONE AND YOU STOLE IT! (you should know we have different covers because we both steal them so we have different ones so this does not happen) I walked back over turned off the light got in bed and said "DON"T TOUCH ME OR TALK TO ME" I was so mad...of course once I left the house for work I called him and he was so sorry. He remembered what he did and felt bad! LOL It is funny to think about this in hind sight. Bless his sweet little heart!

Well stay warm and take care! I will write soon! oxox Lisa

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Under the Weather and hit by a MACK TRUCK

Alright, so I have been under the weather and hit by a big ole mack truck. This weekend was great...I was feeling very fortunate that I had not gotten sick like so many others that I know. Well then 2 am rolls around Monday morning and I thought I was being back over by a mack truck multuiple times. I woke up vomiting uncontrollably....boy I know Jon was rethinking the whole sickenss and in health thing...I had a fever. I was so sick that I don't even remember much about Monday. Obvioulsy I could not go to work, Jon has told me all kinds of stories about almost passing out with my eyes rolled to the back of head, being really loud at the doctor's, and just silly things that I have said. I did not wake up (like for real get out of bed and do something) again after hitting the doctors until yesterday at about 1ish or 2ish. The doc said I had a bacterial infection and possibly the flu. I had not been sick like that in a while. It totally blindsided me. Thank goodness for Jon. He had to take off work to take care of me. It was patheictic. I am feeling better now, just a bit weak.



Here in the past few weeks Jon and I have been frequent visitors to the movie theatre. We have really started enjoying going. We used to not go because I could not be quite long enough to watch the movie, but I have improved. So this is what we have seen:
This Christmas (I loved it so much that I will be purchasing it when it comes out)
Alvin and the Chipmunks (I liked it. It was a cute little movie)
National Treasure (Jon and I both enjoyed it...looking forward to the next one)
I Am Legend (Made me jump a was different)
PS. I Love You (I LOVED IT...I cried like a baby, but man it was good)
Next on my list: 27 Dresses

Happy New Year...

Well, I know it is a little late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR. Things have been crazy here starting off the new year. I had to work New Year's Eve and so did Jon. He was in bed by 10:30 and I was asleep by 12:45. New Years day was a day of relaxing together and lots of football. I asked Jon if he were upset about us not having any BIG new years plans and he said no. He just wanted to start the year off together me and him. I thought that was sweet. So we made a few resolutions...which will be kept to ourselves...and we are OFF for a new year full of wonder and excitement.