Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, I just wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING. As of tomorrow afternoon I will be leaving town heading to my family's house in Gordo. Jon and I are going to celebrate with them. I can't wait to see everyone....lots to catch up on. I haven't seen my brother Timmy in quite sometime because the last time I was down there he was out of town!

We had Thanksgiving dinner today at work. I bought sweet potato casserole. I have only heard good things about it! Lots of people have asked for the recipe.
Tonight with have Thanksgiving dinner with Jon's family because his aunt and her family and Jon and I will all be leaving town and his mom has to work this weekend. I am excited to spend some quality time with them.

So I won the chili cook off here at work. I won a $50 Walmart gift card! I made deer chili, and everyone loved it! Yea!

I have been under the weather a good bit here lately. My doctor has me on new meds and for the last few weeks I have been pretty sick! My doctor says that once I get adjusted to the meds I should start to feel better. My dose just leveled out so here is praying that I will start to feel better again soon. My doctor say that the benefits of the meds is greater than the side effects...I would like to know if she has ever taken it! Most days here the week and half I just go home and lay on the couch. I hope I am able to enjoy the week coming up!

My mom's dog got really sick last week. I was so upset, the doctor thought it was cancer, but praise the Lord it was only a ulcer which they were able to treat with antibiotics and other meds. Boy, I love Scooter so much. I got him a little get well present...so I can't wait to give it to him.

Well, I am going to end for now. I will write again on Monday. I am off for my Thanksgiving adventures....and of course my Day AFTER Thanksgiving Hunting (SHOPPING).....God Bless....Happy Thanksgiving...Be Safe....LOVE THE WHITTENS xooxox

Monday, November 12, 2007


Wow, what a wonderful weekend! The boys were so much fun! I have lots of pictures to upload here, but I can't find the USB cord for my camera to computer hook up. So we will have to wait for the photos. However, there are so many funny stories. We went bowling, ate pizza, played video games, and we were all partied out by 10:30! LOL AJ and I passed out watching Ian and Jon play football. Jon said he and Ian were playing when all of a sudden Ian's football players just stopped moving. Jon looked over and he was passed out sleeping. Jon put me to bed, then AJ, and then got Ian a blanket and pillow for the couch. The next morning I woke up so I could cook at about 7 when I realized AJ wasn't in his bed. I was like what? Well I go downstairs where he informs me that he came downstairs to sleep on the love seat because "We had put him in a room with no LIGHTS!" My sister did not tell me that AJ only sleeps with a nightlight! LOL It was so funny. He said Jon and I were trying to scare him. Jon took the boys yard selling and stuff Saturday along with lots of XBOX playing. AJ told us that this is what he calls a PaRtY! LOL Good times!

Saturday night Chris and Tamara came over for football, hamburgers, and cards! Gosh, we like hanging out with our good friends! However, Tamara and I always seem to lose at Rummy.
Sunday was church, and then Jon's friend Joel came over. We watched his wedding on DVD, looked at all of his and our pictures from each others weddings and honeymoons, then the boys set in for about 6 and half hours of college football on the XBOX 360! I was of course in bed by 9:30.

I cut all of my coupons out, prepared my grocery list for Thanksgiving, and gathered my recipes! I can not wait for all of the cooking to begin! What fun it is all going to be! It is almost here! Only 9 more days! Good food, good times, good family and friends! Plus, you can't forget about the day after shopping. I do not really need anything, but I love the excitement of the crowds and the energy of the rushing around looking for a bargain!

My mom called today to inform me my cousin John is getting married in December. They are having a reception in Fayette on the 29th of December. Jon and I are already making plans to attend. He did not get to come to ours because he was in basic trying for the Marines! LOVE IS DEFIANT ELY IN THE AIR!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Suprise! Suprise! Suprise!

Today I am at work when my phone rang. It was Jonathan. He called and said he was taking me to lunch. He was off today, and he went golfing this morning so I was really shocked that he called. Well, at about 1:00 he came walking in. I was so excited! He took me for Chinese, we ate, and talked. It was sweet. I was so surprised! He is such a wonderful, sweet, handsome guy. I am so proud to call him MINE! I LOVE YOU JON!

Well tonight we have my sisters middle two boys! I am excited, but Jon is excited to the second power! As of right now we are going bowling and then back to our house for pizza and video games. I am going to take pictures....of all of the fun. I think it is so adorable that Jon is excited about the kids coming over. One day in the far off future Jon is going to make the best daddy ever!
Tomorrow night some of our buddies are coming over for the ball games, and to hang out. It will be nice haven't seen them in a couple weeks.
Sunday our friend from Idaho, Joel, is coming over for dinner. I haven't seen him since the wedding, and Jon hasn't seen him since he went to Idaho for Joel's wedding.

So we are having Thanksgiving dinner here at work on the 20th. I am bring a big sweet potato casserole. That should be lots of fun. Everyone getting together at work to give thanks and celebrate. Good times.

Only 12 days until Thanksgiving, and I get to see my folks! Oh, and my brother and his girlfriend's baby puppy Roxie!
Only 28 days until our friends Chris and Tiffani tie the knot! Sweet...
Only 35 days until Jon and I head to Nashville to do all the Christmas stuff! Road TRIP!
Only 46 days until Christmas.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Christmas...huh? My thoughts........well I will have to write more about that a little later. I mean really....however, I am excited about the holidays!

Halloween Costume

Hey Guys, I just wanted to post a picture of my Halloween costume. I was a Corspe Bride. I won thrid place in the costume contest!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Burrrrrrrrrrr....it is cold!

Alright...all I can say is it is so COLD! I was cold yesterday. I am still cold today. I am sitting at work with a blanket, a jacket, and a sweater! I need some cooco!

Monday, November 5, 2007

So Excited

Alright...so we have like 17 days until Thanksgiving and 49 until Christmas, and I am so excited. Jon and I are planning on going to the grocery store this Sunday to buy some of the things we need for the casseroles and things we will be making for Thanksgiving. It is hard to believe that it has arrived so quickly, but I am totally super excited.
My friend Cheyenne had her baby. His name is Rylan Jayce. He is 7lbs and 12oz. I went to see him Friday night. They are both doing well. Saturday I went to see my sister Jill and the children. Eli has gotten so big! He would smile and giggle at me. I love him so much. AJ was goofy as ever! Ian, he is 13, and AJ, he is 5, are coming to spend the night with us on Friday when they get out of school. They are going to stay until Saturday afternoon when Jill and Doyle come with ELI for a cookout! Wow...so Jon wants us to go putt putting Friday night, but I think it will be to cold. We will see. Jon has planned for us to have a pizza party too while the boys are with us so we will see what actually happens. I think he is just so excited he can't decide what he wants to do.
Daddy and Regina came up Sunday and went to dinner. It was good. Jon cooked Regina a brownie cake. It was a nice visit.
So...next week at work we have a IRONBOWL PARTY which is a little early, but who cares! Then the next week is Thanksgiving. Then we have a week of nothing... which we will probably in enjoy resting... then we have our friends Tiffani and Chris's wedding. Then Jon and I are going on a little vacation to Nashville before all of the Christmas get togethers. I am so excited! HOLIDAYS>>>I LOVE THEM SO!
I will try to get my pictures from past posting up soon, but just running out of time.