Tuesday, September 23, 2008

FIREPROOF....your marriage.

Fireproof comes out in theatres tomorrow, the 26th. Jonathan and I are going! This movie is going to be incredible. I think the principal of it is so important. Marriage is hard, and you have to work at it. The devil will do all he can to attack your marriage and turn you against each other. I think this is going to wonderful to watch. You should check it out...I linked it below. I am excited! I will review the movie for you guys this weekend!


MY DADDY...the motorcycle man!

So... on the way to work this morning I got behind a man on a motorcycle. I followed him for a good little ways down the interstate. I know everyone is wondering how this relates to my daddy.
Well, every time I see a motorcycle man I automatically think of my daddy. He has a motorcycle and he loves to ride it. I am always extra careful around the motormen because I want others to be EXTREMELY CAREFUL AROUND MY DADDY! (thanks to all the careful drives in T-town)

Back to my story! Every time I see a man on a motorcycle it makes me miss my daddy really bad. I remember riding on it when we (my brother) were little. It was so much fun, and so carefree. I know it is not safe, but I would sit on the gas tank and my brother would sit behind my daddy and he would ride us around my granny's house. Everyone in my home town knew my daddy because he was "The Man Who Drives The Motorcycle In ALL Kinds of Weather"! Yes, that is true. My daddy drove his motorcycle in the rain, sleet, storms, it did not matter.
I remember my daddy bring the motorcycle in the hallway of the house to keep it warm so it would not have any trouble cranking up in the mornings when he drove it to work. Gosh, the memories. I also remember the day that the motorcycle died, but never fear later on he got a new one. And the time that he had a little accident in Reform when the roads were wet...that was scary. I had my fair share of burns from the muffler on that darn motorcycle! I also remember the day that the old motorcycle died, but never fear! A little while later he got a new one.
The motorcycle he drives today is...he says it is "blue", but everyone else says it is purple! Ha...I remember the debate about that. He only it drives it now when the weather is nice (thank goodness!). He takes special care to clean it. He and Regina joke about getting her a motorcycle tricycle and them taking off on a little trip!

So seeing the motorcycle man really made me miss my daddy. I know he is only like 2-21/2 hours away, but with life being so busy I can't just go down there all the time. I have always been a daddy's girl. I will always be a daddy's girl. Jon makes jokes about him coming second to my daddy...he knows how close we are and how much I LOVE HIM! The memories I have with my daddy are so precious and I hold them so close to my heart. I just really am missing him right now. Jon says we will go see him soon, and I can't wait. I am sure that little motorcycle man had no clue, but he really did not help the whole...I really miss my daddy situation. I won't say I am homesick, but sometimes a girl just needs a little time with her dad! I mean he is a fun guy...what can I say...he is my dad...it runs in the family! ;)

So...I know this is random, but I just needed to get my little story off my chest, and writing this has made me think about all the fun things we have done growing up. Maybe, just maybe this will hold me over til I can get home!

Friday, September 19, 2008

My gift! A couple new skillets!

So my wonderful husband called me at work this morning to let me know that our neighbor was having a yard sale and she had some brand new cast iron skillets. He bought me a couple! I am excited, but I do believe that he is even more excited. He told me that this means we get to have cornbread like my momma makes! So looks like we might be having cornbread tomorrow for the football game! HA!

Speaking of football...tomorrow is a big day for SEC games. Jon said we will be in front of the TV all day watching the games, but first we have to make our trip to Sam's to get our football food. We do have some good friends coming over so it should be a fun weekend.

Hope everyone else has a jolly weekend and TGIF!

oxox Lisa

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our Tickets Are Here!

We got our Dave Ramsey tickets!!!! We just finished our last class of Financial Peace University last Sunday night. This class was such a blessing to us. So we are totally pumped for the live event here in Birmingham! It is October 11th from 1-6.
We love Dave's principals and it is all based on God's principals. The last lesson about giving is so powerful! I want to be able to give like no one else to our church, people in need, and for causes we believe in!
Jon and I are so glad we took this class. We have been able to totally put all of our finances in order. We were not bad shape before, but now we have a plan and we will be debt free by next April or May! Praise the LORD!!! It is exciting. If you ever get the opportunity to see Dave or take his class do it. It is go great; it has really motivated us to prepare for our future.
Dave's motto is "Live like no one else now, so later you can LIVE like no one else". That is our goal!

Dear Lord,

Hey Guys, I know the last post was real light, but today I need you all to lift up my brothers, uncle, and all their friends. They all work at BF Goodrich, tire plant. My mom just called me this morning saying that they are shutting the plant down for 2 weeks, and then they hope to open it back up. I don't have all the details, but even two weeks with a great reduction in pay is going to be hard. My heart hurts for them because they are my big brothers. I love them and their families.
I know the Lord is great and mighty, and he is always an on time God! He can take care of them no matter the situation, but if you could please just lift them up in your daily prayers. Their names are Timmy and Joey. I mean the bible says if the Lord can take care of the birds of them air how much more can he take care of us. Right now I just pray that they have faith and strength. May the Lord just keep them in the palm of his hand during this uncertain situation.
Ok, so I have lots more to blog about today, but right now I am going to go. Thanks for your prayers and thank you Jesus for all of your provisions!

Just got a call from my mom. She said that they are going to be closed for at least two weeks starting on the 22nd. My uncle is a Foreman at the plant and he was told that the reason for the shut down is because of the hurricanes which has inhibited them from getting any of the supplies they need to make the tires. They hope in the next two weeks that some supplies will come in, but the contractors are saying it could be as long as 8 weeks. She said that they will be getting sub pay from the plant which will be a rather large reduction in pay, but at least they will be getting some form of pay. So praise the Lord for that.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fall is in the Air!

It is starting to cool down a little as Fall rapidly approaches. I love this time of year. The leaves changing, the cool breeze in the evening and morning, sleeping with the windows open, pumpkins and hayrides, Fall festivals, and the leaves falling, and football, and just the sheer excitement that the holidays are coming and it is getting close for all the cooking and family get togethers! I love the Fall. I just love the entire atmosphere and I love being outside in harvest air!

There is just an excitement that builds up during this time of year that makes me feel child like inside. I want to play in the leaves, and run around the pumpkin patch looking for the most perfect pumpkin ever! I love carving my pumpkin.

Jon and I were in Walmart the other day and they have their pumpkins out. I was so excited and he told me that I need to wait a couple more weeks before we bought a couple to carve. We always go to Homestead Hollow for the Fall Harvest and all the fun stuff there. I can't wait! Jon took me to Calera last year to the Heart of Dixie Railroad to the pumpkin patch for my birthday. It was so fun, granted we were the only ones there without kids. Jon said I could be his kid because I was running around like one. I got my face painted and everything!

I just wanted to write about how excited I am to see the leaves change to the beautiful burnt oranges and reds, to feel the cool autumn air on my face, and enjoy the wonderful things that come with this time of year. It is so awesome to see God's wonderful creation and all the amazing things that happen to it. I feel so blessed and loved...I could not be more happy...

Tiffany's having a baby!

Well, I know this is a little late, but one of my best friends, Tiffany, is having a baby! She is due April 28th! I can't believe it. We have know each other since like 2nd grade. I am excited, but this is my close friend to have a baby. I told one of my parents that she wasn't old enough to have a baby. She laughed and told me she was. I mean we are 25! I guess I was just saying that because I know Jon and I are so not at that point in our life so I guess I thought no one else was either.

She sent me the ultrasound the other day. I saw the little bitty baby. So I am excited and it will be fun having a baby around. They want a little boy, but she said as long as it was healthy that it truly did not matter. Either way I am ecstatic for them, and can't wait to meet little baby Skinner!