Friday, August 24, 2007

We are Grown-Ups for Sure!

Jon and I are officially grown-ups now. We just went and bought a new bed! We have been sleeping on a full size bed with mattress Jon has had for years. However, yesterday we went to the Mattress Warehouse and got a new one. It is made by Sutherland and it is called Sensations! It is a queen size so no more crowded sleeping. YEAH! It was originally a $1200 set, but we got it for $700 with free delivery, setup, and frame to put it on. It sits up real high and has a very thick plush pillow top. It is so soft. I can not wait to sleep on it. I told Jon when we get it I was going to take one day off work so I could stay at home and sleep in the new comfortable mattress. We had been wanting a new ever since we got married. We stayed at the Tutwiller Hotel the night we got married. The bed was the most comfortable thing ever. Well we got one that was very much compatible. LOL So now I don't have to go pay $300 to sleep on their bed again! LOL I am just so excited, but even more excited because this is one of our first big grown up purchase besides our living room furniture and kitchen table! Hope everyone has a great weekend! Love, Lisa

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Irondale Cafe AKA Whistle Stop

Last night Jon took me on a surprise adventure. He had went to the Irondale Cafe about a month ago. He was telling me about it, and I said I would love to go because supposedly that is where all the action took place in Fried Green Tomatoes. Fannie Flagg was said to have written her book about that cafe and the people around it. You must know that I love the movie Fried Green Tomatoes, but I love the book so much more. It is a lot better than the movie.
Well, last night Jon and I went to Sam's Club to pick up a few things. After we were done he said he had a surprise for me.
He took me to the Irondale Cafe AKA Whistle Stop! When I realized where we were going I was SOOOOOO excited! It made for a perfect little home grown date!
It is an old place, but it is just so cozy. It is cafeteria style dinning, but it was great. They had old music playing. The atmosphere was nice! We had a great time. I thought it was very sweet of Jon to surprise me with something like that. He had to have been listening to remember that I really wanted to go there. We got to watch the trains. I tried to get Jon to take pictures with me because I never leave home without my camera, but he wasn't cooperating.
I just wanted to tell my story. I had a good time. It was sweet!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Baby, Oh Baby!

So my sister, Jill, had the baby yesterday. His name is Elisha "Eli" Scott Ragsdale., as my nephew AJ(Eli's brother) annouced to everyone that his name is from the BIBle. I am so happy. It has been a while since my family has had a baby. He was little. He only weighted 6lbs and 15 ozs. He was 201/2 inches long. He has super long legs and fingers. He is so tiny. He was doing good, but now he is in the NICU because his little lungs are having trouble breathing. He was a little early so the doctors thought this might happen. So maybe he will be all better soon so he and his aunt Lisa can party! lol I am so excited. I will post more pictures when I get them of us together. Then I have a suprise picture that will make everyone giggle!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Lots O Tidbits

So I haven't posted in a few days. Not a lot has been going on except for the working. So I thought I was just update on a few things and then I have a few little stories. I hope this blog finds everyone well.
Last weekend Jon and I did not do a whole lots. It was kind of a lazy weekend. Friday Jon and I went to dinner and did a little shopping. Saturday we went yard selling and played cards with friends that night. Sunday we had our regular routine, and we did go play golf. That was fun. Sunday we had a retirement party for one of the elderly ladies that work for Jon. We had fun! She enjoyed herself very much! She is a sweet lady.

This week has been a little hectic. Monday was definitely a Monday! I just had a bad day all the way around. I snapped at everyone. I had a headache all day long so I was not in the best of moods. I ended up going to be very early. Tuesday Jon had a headache so we did nothing after work. We just swapped bad moods. Now Wednesday was interesting. I noticed my car was driving really rough. So when I got to the gas station I got out to check the tires. You should note that my tires are NEW! Well the driver's side front tire had a HUGE BUBBLE in the sidewall. It looked like a dinosaur eggs had been stuck in there. Well I call Jon and call daddy because we had gotten them from daddy's work. Well I drive home on it, and by the time I got there it was losing air because the tire had pulled the rest of the way from the rim. Needless to say that Jon had to change a tire. So he is driving my car with the spare and I am driving his.
While we were outside changing the tire the little neighbor boy came over to talk to us. He sat on the curb with me. He was so dirty, but cute. He is 3. We still do not know his name, but he was going to talk to Jon about our flat tire. He just talked and talked the whole time while eating a piece of balled up slice cheese. He was so dirty, but he did enjoy his cheese. I thought it was hilarious. Jon and I had a lovely dinner. We just sat and talked forever. It was nice to get to catch up on the week after us being so busy and sick.

Today is my nephew Dawson's birthday. He is 8 years old today. However, he was unhappy because he had to start school on his birthday. Jon and I sent him a balloon to the school with a candy bag attached to it! I am going to call him tonight. We are going to get to see all of our family in Gordo in like a week and a half. We are going down for the weekend. I can't wait. I miss my daddy and Regina, but I also miss everyone! I just can't wait to see everyone and TALK!

Jennifer, my sister-in-law is doing somewhat better. She is still not healing as quickly as the docs would like, but improving a little everyday. Thank Goodness.

My sister Jill is having her baby on the 15th! She is having a little boy. I can't wait. We went and saw them this past weekend. A.J. their youngest started school today for the first time. I have to call and see how that went! I will post pictures of the baby when I get them.

WE have two people trying to convince us to get another dog. The dogs are puppies, and very cute. However, we have one big dog now, and she spoiled and very territorial. So I do not think I am ready to be a momma to two yet!

Well as far as the rest of my family they all seem to be doing fine. I talked to Nicole on Tuesday. I haven't talked to Timmy in a couple weeks, but I will hopefully get to see him soon. Jon's family is doing well.

So how about the space shuttle launch. Every time I see that it amazes me even more. How I would love to explore space. It just so cool! OH, and the priest that was arrested for running naked!?! He said he was running early so no one would see him. That made me giggle!
Well I guess that is all for now. I have not major plans for the weekend until Sunday. After church Sunday our friend Justin is having a sports day, then we are all going swarming. Well talk to you all soon!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My day so far...

Alright, so my day so far has been a roller coaster. This morning I got up, and Jon and I left the house at the same time. Well traffic was really bad. I was in front, and Jon was driving behind me. I could not get out of the merge lane. So Jon let me over, then he let me over again, and then for a third time because I have to cross three lanes to get to my lane for exiting onto 459. I tell you what. Just the fact that he did that warmed my heart. I know that that is the polite thing to do in traffic, but it made me feel so loved. He was running late, but instead of zooming past me he waited so I could cross. I mean that boy cares about me so much, I felt so loved. It is the smallest thing, but man! It showed me that he cares about #1 my safety and #2 he wanted to make sure he baby was going to get across. It was just a little way of showing his affections that meant so much to me. I guess I should say that I hate traffic, and he knows how nervous it maeks me, so that is why it made me feel so loved. He may not be the most romantic guy, but he sure knows how to make this girl's day!
Now at work we were having a BLOOD DRIVE. Being the person that I am, giving blood is not a pleasurable experience, but it is something that I do and that we all should do if we are able because it saves lives. So I took my fear of needles, suppressed it, and allowed my veins to be abused. I must first say that the ladies that took care of me were some of the most friendly ladies! The Red Cross has some wonderful people working for them.
I went to give. They stuck me and I was fine, but I was bleeding really fast! I filled my pint within like 4 minutes. Well, I think maybe I filled it too quick because I started filling faint. They gave me the cold compresses, something to drink, and reclined me. After a few seconds of seeing double I was fine. I should just inform all of you that the dramatic process I just described is actually normal for me when I give blood. However, what happened about 15 minutes after leaving the donation site wasn't. I was sitting at my desk when all of a sudden I got extremely hot. I tried reclining, drinking some soda, holding my feet up, but nothing was working. I was about to pass out at my desk, OH NO! I tried calling my boss, but had trouble picking up the phone. After three tries I finally got her, and all I could get out was: I don't feel well, I am hot, can you help? They finally got me back to the donation site, got me cooled off, some sugar in me, and then I promptly went to eat a bite. Needless to say that was scary. My darn eyes were rolling back in my head! HELLO, I was freaking out. Now it is 3:12 here, and I feel as good as could be expected. I am, however, very tired and weak. I can't wait to get home to cuddle up with Jonathan, and let him baby me.

P.S. If you do not mind say a quick pray for my sister-in-law Jennifer. She had surgery, but she is not recovering like she should. They may have to go back in! My nephews start school next week, and she can't even get them ready! She is hurting, and I am sure a little nervou! So lets all pray that God will fix her right up! (Please think of my brother and nephews too) Thanks, and I will keep you posted about her condition! HuGs!XxXxXx