Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What I am Loving Wednesday....

It's HuMp DaY!!!! So thankful that it is a new day! Here's what I am loving this Wednesday....

My Spring Bouquet of flowers that I arranged for my desk at work! I have decided that I am going to pretend that it is Spring time until it actually arrives! I am ready for pedicures, flip flops, and summer dresses!
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The No Sew Blanket class that I taught last night! It was so exciting to have so many women show up, and the blankets turned out WONDERFUL! The Cover the Earth project is going to be AWESOME! Thanks ladies for coming out to play with me!

My miniature side kick Emily aka Lulu, Lady EmmaLou, Princess Emily etc! She is so stink'in cute, and she tells everyone that we are best friend-enzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

My 3 FREE Zoya nail polishes that I got from Art of Beauty! They are awesome colors, and I cannot wait to try them!
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I love so loving the fact that Friday night is the Girls night PJ party! Should be a blast! Dinner, movies, and girl chat all in our cozy PJs!

As usual, I am loving my hubby, Jon! He surprised me this week with a really sweet card and an xbox card to get the extra songs for my Dance Central game! What more could a girl ask for!  Side note: Danced so hard this week I think I might have hurt my knee! Insert: [Sad Face Here]!
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Thanks to Jamie for hosting!

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